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125 gram tins with labels 2
125 gram tins with labels 2

The history of tea and which teas are most sought after and why

Tea originated in China in 2737 BC, where people would boil it in hot water and take it after its popularization by the then Chinese Emperor Shen Nong. It was used in the East way before the West became aware of its existence; but through trade activities the Western world was able to obtain and adapt to its use. At the time, tea was a reserve for the wealthy and was a symbol of class but with time, its supply increased thus popularizing it in the general population. Its reduced prices and availability enabled for its gradual spread across other countries in world –tea is now top on the list of the most consumed beverages.

As it currently stands, tea is grown in different regions globally, and the numerous varieties often make their way into the international markets. So, with all the abundance and evident competition among producers, it is really important to know how to make your selection so as to only obtain that which is of the finest quality.

Loose tea provides every tea drinker with an exceptional experience for every pot brewed; its superiority is unsurpassed. However, it does not come in the regular packaging because it has large leaves which do not allow for that kind of wrapping. Loose tea is undeniably one of the highest quality teas, and it comes in form of pellets or rolled leaves. If you need to buy loose tea online, you can easily find stores to enable you obtain it. Nonetheless it is vital that you research well so that you only buy a product that is genuine and of great quality; Grey’s Teas guarantees you all these.

Grey’s Teas provide the best teas all obtained from different parts of the world, and this ensures that customers are provided with a wide selection. Whether you prefer to obtain green tea, black tea, Oolong tea or white tea, Grey’s Teas offer you the best options. If you decide to buy loose tea online, then settling for Grey’s Teas will ensure your maximum satisfaction. Keep in mind that tea helps you acquire regulated blood pressure, and also assists in weight loss. It has been proven to have great health benefits which you can be assured to enjoy with every cup you take.

The correct pick ensures that you enjoy the benefits to the maximum. You can opt to purchase your teas bases on seasons; for instance during winter, you can make use of any of the tea varieties, but in summer, green teas make a great pick. Oolong is a great alternative for autumn while flower teas are a good option for spring. Though, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make your selection a different way, you can always take the teas as you please; it’s all at your disposal to pick the teas that you like best.

The Oolong teas taste unique and are usually whole leaf teas; they go through some amount of fermentation which makes them acquire that special taste. White tea contains white buds, which undergo very little processing and as a result, produce a refreshing and delicate taste. Black tea on the other hand is fermented, and the fermentation process is what makes it turn black –this is the variety that was first produced in China. In contrast Green tea is whole; it has leaves rolled into beautiful forms, and the work is all done by hand.

All things considered, tea is a very refreshing beverage, it makes a great choice for those times when you want to relax, or maybe just keep warm in the freezing cold. But the quality you go for makes quite a huge difference; this is exactly why you need to buy loose tea online at Grey’s Teas.